Thursday, 5 May 2016


Spiritual Parenting, as the name suggests is about connecting with kids spiritually while helping them grow. An instant connection with Kids - that is the goal this books seeks to establish for its readers.
The core strength of this book is the way Dr. Sapna transitions through different phases of her life while presenting her learning through her conversational stories with her kids that will generate interest in a reader. The book flows like a story with lessons covered in descriptive manner. The book opens up the perspectives of the children, the way they see the world and how their views conflict with their parents’s views.
Spiritual Parenting is different from other books because it is inspired by the lessons taught by children on the subjects that otherwise focus on the complex perspective of an expert to explain or motivate readers. It reiterates the forgotten lessons of childhood for parents of today..
When going into details, the book connects the concepts of parenting with spirituality and explores a set of diverse ideas of God versus religion, right and wrong, happiness and self-esteem. A chapter on Labels is a unique read that explores the idea of labels through different scenarios.
This book can be used by all the parents who wish to connect with their children spiritually and those who are finding it difficult to understand the perspective of their children. In general, it can be useful for any parent, expectant parent, grand parents and just about anyone.

However, the book still doesn't restrict its lessons for parents as it is more of a spiritual book that talks about self-awakening and thus, may be used by anyone as one can be benefited through the simple understanding of the connect edness with ones source.
Not only parents, adolescents may also find it an interesting read as it explores their perspective and may even feel like recommending it to their parents after the exploration.

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