Thursday, 5 May 2016


Spirituality is often confused with religion and yet it is everything but that. Simply speaking Religion is an organized faith aiming to reach spirituality to every person irrespective of his/her education level, wealth, caste, creed, nationality.
The need for religion arose when the people on earth encountered the challenge of living in harmony under the growing pressures of everyday survival. The prophets delivered the religious scriptures to people in various parts of the world, in different languages and under different names. That is how we have so many different religions although the original messages of all are the same.
Some rituals were developed to make the rules of living universally accepted for the believers of the particular religions. And if we can leave apart the excesses and fanaticism, religion per say is a means to help us get in touch with our spiritual.
However, as science grew on the world, and as some aspects of religion were made into superstitions for personal gain of a few, man gradually became distanced from his own spirituality.

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